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The Digital Transformation Alliance

  • We are passionate about transformational issues related to digital, engineering, technology and leadership.
  • We are united by our vision of industrialization and a dynamic, inclusive digital innovation and technology economy.   
    We are committed to using each one’s individual gift as a co-creator tool to help others so that we can all succeed and have a better quality of life            
    The importance and relevance of digital transformation in the world in general and in Africa in particular are no longer to be demonstrated: This is the gift that falls from heaven for Africa. Despite the proliferation of the use of Mobile communication devices and the creation of digital solutions, however, there is an evolution very timid of the digital economy as a whole and a delay in the transformation of society.  

The materialization of this mission is carried out by the Technological, Industrial and Educational center called InnoTechLabs

our core values

Integrity & Respect

We act ethically at all times to earn and maintain the trust and respect of our customers, partners and communities.

Commitment & Reliability

We guarantee and commit to what we say to do. Our Solutions are reliable and based on certified technologies and processes. We act with professionalism and precision.

Excellence & Intelligence

Originality, collective intelligence for well-being. We act with professionalism and precision.

Curiosity & Fascination

Our curiosity to discover, explore and create our own destiny takes us to design solutions that are both disruptive and fascinating.

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