The Digital Transformation Challenge Days (DTA-INNODAYS) connect companies and universities to develop engineering and IoT solutions together.

Based on a concrete challenge, participants will design a 3D model of the engineering solution; validate it using Simulation (3D, CFD, FEM, static/dynamic, etc.). The best prototypes will be exhibited and pitched during the Ditrex Conference.

  • Topics of interest: Engineering and IOT from differents subject areas
  • Software platform: 3D Experience from Dassault Systèmes (Catia, Solidworks, Delmia, Simulia, etc.)


From Idea over a prototype to a viable business model


What if we use IoT solutions and create a 3D object to introduce better animal husbandry and/or farming practices ?

  • Let the field speak 
  • Careful monitoring
  • Intelligent management

The proposed solution should include a business plan  as well

Why participate?

  • Build your innovation skills​
  • Learn 3D design techniques
  • Provide solution for industry problems
  • Collaborate with a team and get the support of mentors and company partners

Create & Develop

There are many hurdles on the journey from challenge to solution. The InnoDays allow participants to get started and make progress quickly.

Impactful Solutions

Ideas are worthless until we make them happen. During the InnoDays, teams make their ideas tangible by prototyping solutions to critical challenges


InnoDays helps organizations innovate by engaging digital talents and empowering employees in an open innovation process. Each team brings technical, design and business skills together.

How it works

Contest Starts October 1st, 2020

Before the event

  • Participants will receive 3D licence from DASSAULT SYSTEMS for auto-formation
  • Interaction between participants via a collaboration plattform
  • Participants brainstorm ideas
  • Mentors will evaluate at least twice participants 3D autoformation

During the event

  • Teams create ideas, build prototypes and develop business models with the support of mentors
  • Companies representatives evaluate solutions during prototype expo

After the event

  • Debriefing and coaching
  • Teams implement their idea with the support of company partners and mentors
  • Opportunity to hire or collaborate with best participants


Part 1: Pitch your idea for one of the challenges. Get together with your team to shape your idea.

Part 2: Turn your idea into a prototype. Mentors and company partners support you.

Part 3: Develop a business Model

Part 4: Show your solution during the prototype expo. The best solutions get support to implement their idea.

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