Godlove Njisong

Godlove Njisong

Founder of GoMAD (Go Make A Difference) Network | Moderator

Godlove NJISONG is the founder of GoMAD (Go Make A Difference) Network that is composed of GoMAD Enterprise, GoMAD Consulting and GoMAD Academy. It is a human capacity development platform providing cutting age support to people to be able to develop their potentials to the full. The ultimate aim of GoMAD Network is to help its clients, students and all those they serve understand that they were born to make a difference. GoMAD Network also focuses on educating and mentoring youths in Blockchain technology, Artificial Intelligence and other disruptive technologies to position them for relevance today and tomorrow.

Godlove has been trained and certified by a good number of Leadership and Public Speaking Organization and currently is a partner with Intelligence Performance best known for their World Class Training Program for public Speaking.

Godlove was trained as a Metallullurgical Engineer at the Fedaral Univerisity of Technology Owerri, Nigeria. He started his career as an engineer at Alpha Engineering in 2009 and quickly grew into the rank of a Project Supervisor and later Project Manager. He later joined PPG Cameroon a subsidiary of the PPG Group in 2014 as a Field Technical Supervisor and before his resignation in 2018, he was the Technical and Sales Manager in the department of Protective and Marine Coating. During his years in the corporate world he was involved in lots of trainings on Sales, Project Management and safety both as a trainee and a trainer. He is a member of the National Association Corrosion Engineers USA, Cameroon Association of Pofessionals and Junior Chamber International.

His passion has always been to impact the lives of youth. That is why as a University student he joined Junior Chamber International (JCI) where he started honing his leadership and training skills. Over the years he has held different leadership positions in JCI and has had the opportunity to train thousands of youths in Cameroon and other African nations. He demonstrates his passion for Community service by serving as a volunteer to YBC (Youth Business Cameroon), EDEN (Entrepreneurship Development Educational Network) and many other NGOs.